Germany Tv Online Channels


Country: Germany

[74 Channels]
NDR (Hamburg) Entertainment 500 kb/s
1-2-3 TV Other 203 kb/s
1-2-3 TV Shopping 293 kb/s
Antenne West Other 524 kb/s
Antenne West Entertainment 596 kb/s
ARD Information 353 kb/s
ARD Tagesschau News 327 kb/s
Astro TV Entertainment 328 kb/s
Bietbox TV Shopping 301 kb/s
Bloomberg TV German News 35 kb/s
Bloomberg TV German News 53 kb/s
Center TV Other 323 kb/s
DAF TV News 339 kb/s
Der Schmuckkanal Shopping 503 kb/s
Deutsche Welle TV News 359 kb/s
DGF TV Science 153 kb/s
Donau TV Entertainment 300 kb/s
DW-TV News 256 kb/s
ElefantenCam WebCam 223 kb/s
Franken TV Entertainment 300 kb/s
Hamburg 1 News 293 kb/s
Help TV Entertainment 259 kb/s
HSE 24 Shopping 300 kb/s
HSE 24 Digital Shopping 300 kb/s
IT News Education 500 kb/s
Kanal 1 (Kanal Eins) Entertainment 431 kb/s
KWtv Education 231 kb/s
Landtag MV Politics 53 kb/s
Landtag Thüringen Politics 253 kb/s
München 2 News 300 kb/s
München 2 News 303 kb/s
Massive Mag - BOARD Sport 500 kb/s
Massive Mag - RUNNING Sport 500 kb/s
Massive Mag - XTREME Sport 500 kb/s
Massive Mag TV Sport 500 kb/s
Meissen Fernsehen News 153 kb/s
MLC TV Music 793 kb/s
Motor TV Music 150 kb/s
Munchen TV Other 331 kb/s
N-TV Other 330 kb/s
n-tv News 301 kb/s
NRW TV News 878 kb/s
Offener Kanal Daun Entertainment 293 kb/s
OK 43 Other 303 kb/s
OTV Germany Other 300 kb/s
PETN Leipzig TV News 419 kb/s
PETN Movie Channel Movies 1024 kb/s
PETN Sportschannel Sport 1100 kb/s
Phoenix News 453 kb/s
QVC (German) Shopping 353 kb/s
RFL Other 300 kb/s
RFO Entertainment 300 kb/s
RTF 1 Other 1029 kb/s
RTL Music 500 kb/s
RTL Shop Lifestyle 509 kb/s
Soccer TV Sport 500 kb/s
Sonnenklar TV Shopping 298 kb/s
Sonnenklartv Travel Lifestyle 300 kb/s
SpiritON TV Shopping 253 kb/s
Storchennest cam WebCam 232 kb/s
Streetclip TV Music 1100 kb/s
Tennis TV DE Sport 500 kb/s
TOON TV Animation 500 kb/s
Traffic Cam Munchen WebCam 293 kb/s
TV Allgaeu Other 303 kb/s
TV Augsburg News 300 kb/s
TV Halle Other 893 kb/s
TV shop Shopping 309 kb/s
TV Suedbaden Information kb/s
TVA Entertainment 300 kb/s
Western TV Movies 564 kb/s
Wetter Weather 440 kb/s
Worm TV Music 193 kb/s
WWTV News 653 kb/s

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