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Country: France

[46 Channels]
Assemblee Nationale News 150 kb/s
ASTV Entertainment 393 kb/s
Bloomberg TV France News 35 kb/s
BMF TV (Balla TV) News 314 kb/s
C9 News 293 kb/s
Ciel Tv News 703 kb/s
Citizen TV Entertainment 393 kb/s
Clap TV Entertainment 393 kb/s
CT2E TV Entertainment 853 kb/s
Demain News 100 kb/s
Fish TV Lifestyle 353 kb/s
France 2 Meteo Weather 354 kb/s
France 24 News 398 kb/s
France 24 (Arabic) News 398 kb/s
France 24 (English) News 398 kb/s
France 3 Corse Education 250 kb/s
Grosse Caisse Music 593 kb/s
I-Tele Other 102 kb/s
KinWebTV Music 400 kb/s
KTO TV Religion 293 kb/s
LCI News 584 kb/s
LCI News 353 kb/s
LCP Politics 153 kb/s
MBOATV Music 350 kb/s
MCM Music 753 kb/s
Mulivan TV Music 339 kb/s
Normandie TV Other 294 kb/s
NRJ 12 Music 753 kb/s
NRJ Dance Music 793 kb/s
NRJ Groove Music 793 kb/s
NRJ Paris Entertainment 753 kb/s
NRJ Pop Rock Music 793 kb/s
Perpignan TV Other 564 kb/s
Planet Insolite Information 330 kb/s
Public Sénat Politics 253 kb/s
Rail TV Lifestyle 1000 kb/s
RFO (Polynesie) News 153 kb/s
Senat News 153 kb/s
Tele 102 Other 331 kb/s
Telenight Radio 532 kb/s
TV 5 Monde Other 1110 kb/s
TV 8 Mont Blanc Other 1010 kb/s
TV Rennes 35 Entertainment 353 kb/s
TVA Other 378 kb/s
TVSF Entertainment 539 kb/s
Videoclick Entertainment 498 kb/s

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